ISLAMIC CRISIS CALL CENTRE is a non-profitable organisation that believes in challenging power imbalances in society on which Abused Women, Drug Abuse, marital  and Crisis situations are based.

About The Islamic Crisis Call Centre

Islamic Crisis Call Centre was established in 1995 , in response to the high rate of Abused Women, Drug Abuse, marital  and Crisis situations within the community in Durban.


Our learned senior Ulamaa strongly suggested we have a base or office or a centre that would be accessible to the community and that there would always be an open line of communication between us and those who need to reach us.


Thus,  Alhamdu Lillah, we acquired offices at Escoval House in Smith Street for a lengthy period of time and again, through the Fadhl and Karam of Allah Ta'aala we acquired our current premises in Commercial City.


A plan  was created to establish a 24-hour  hotline. In the first few months of operation, the need for this service proved to be so great, it was expanded to include support for persons in any type of crisis. Islamic Crisis Call Centre is a non-profit organisation,

When you feel you can't go on !



What is family violence?

Family violence is a situation in which one family member causes physical or emotional harm to another family member.

Over the years, the Centre has continued to grow and evolve in response to community needs. The Centre has expanded its services to address other crisis situations, such as domestic violence, substance abuse, and child/elder abuse or neglect .


The Centre is governed by a 10-member volunteer Board of Directors, made up of Ulema and various community members representing human services, law enforcement,  education, health care, and the mental health community.


The Islamic Crisis Call Centre (I C C C) is “NOT” affiliated with any organization (religious or otherwise) in any way whatsoever. Please note that it is the responsibility of the community to inform us of any person/s trying to solicit funds or any type of assistance whilst posing to be representatives or bonafide fundraisers of the I C C C. 


We have learnt from reliable sources that the I C C C or our Moulana A.Q. Essa’s name is used (as reference) by these bogus collectors.  Please be very cautious.  

 ISLAMIC CRISIS CALL CENTRE, Durban , South Africa .