Statistics on Violence Against Women and Children South Africa


 while these statistics may be shocking, domestic violence, rape and child abuse are in fact notoriously under reported
and thus the prevalence of  abuse is most likely much higher then even these statistics suggest.



  1 in every 4 South African women or 25% of women in RSA are assaulted by their boyfriend or husband every week.


  43% of 159 women surveyed had experienced battering and marital rape.


  1 in 5 women is battered by her partner.


  A study of 600 pregnant and non-pregnant teenage girls in Cape Town, 60% respondents said they had been
  beaten by their partner.


  In S. Africa 1 in every 5 women is abused by her husband or partner


  A woman suffers being battered an average of 39 times before she eventually seeks outside help.


  Prevalence of domestic violence against women was found to be 38% of which 65%, or 1 in 4, was
  perpetrated by the husband.


  The average age of girls who are sexually abused is 11 year of age.  



Please be very cautious when admitting a “Patient” to a rehabilitation centre. This applies to both state or private “REHABS”. Due to the scourge of drug peddlers and those who fall prey to this evil “DRUG ADDICTION”, we have noticed that any Tom, Dick or Harry now creates drug Rehab Centers in almost every nook and cranny of the country. Obviously they ( The Rehab Fellows) have found this to be innovative yet devious and immoral method of raking in huge amounts of money with no true services being provided.  Therefore, we strongly urge members of the community to be very cautious and to have the Rehab (any Rehab) checked our prior to having any “Patient” admitted

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